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We create a local network of facilities for the most vulnerable people
in the war in Ukraine


On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine in a major escalation of the war that began in 2014. Since then, every day more and more people are losing their homes and are forced to flee the country or relocate to central and western Ukraine.

What We Do

We are creating flexible local facilities that will allow Ukraine to care for the most vulnerable internally displaced people. MediCare Hubs can serve as accommodations for vulnerable people or places where they can be treated and cared for. 


The aim is always to ramp up the capacity in Ukraine to care for internally displaced people in need of care. For this purpose, old buildings are repaired and winterized, equipped with a basement bunker, and medical-therapeutic equipment is procured.


We strengthen what russian terror is weakening: infrastructure - for the civilians needing the most care and protection like internally displaced disabled children.

"The most valuable of Ukraine are its people,"
Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv

Vitali Klischko and Janine von Wolfersdorff about Medicare Hubs Kyiv

Who we help

Entirely or largely internally displaced due to the war:

Autistic, disabled, or traumatized children

Particularly vulnerable orphans

Elderly people

needing care

How we work

We work closely together with the Kyiv City Administration. The needed investment costs to enable a capacity expansion of municipal facilities caring for and treating vulnerable IDPs are to be fully covered by our organization (capital expenditures: repair of buildings and medical instruments). The subsequent guaranteed operation of the facilities is to be fully covered by Kyiv (operational expenditures). The concept design is innovative and involves full transparency, accountability, and corruption-free structures. Donation and outcome reports will be published every 6 months.


The MediCare Hubs Kyiv international team works on a voluntary basis and all members donate their time. The Kyiv-based team is financed by the Kyiv City Administration.

Future of the Project

In Kyiv

The project is a close cooperation with the City Administration of Kyiv, which has allocated four facilities for MediCare Hubs Kyiv. It also guarantees that the buildings will be permanently used for the intended charitable/humanitarian purposes. 

In Ukraine 

The project will serve as a blueprint of how to quickly enable local communities, with international help, to take care of their most vulnerable citizens in wartime. Over time, other cities in Ukraine will be able to apply to participate in the project.

Team of MediCare Hubs

MediCare Hubs Kyiv is a project of Together For Future. The international team works on a voluntary basis and donates their time. The Kyiv-based team is financed by the Kyiv City Administration.

Independent experts

Advisory services are provided by an independent team of highly recognized
technical and medical experts from Germany and Poland. 


Construction experts



Tax and legal advisors


Medical experts

Bildschirmfoto 2022-12-18 um 16.43.55.png

Our experience

MediCareHubs Kyiv is our second humanitarian project in Ukraine since Russia's full-scale invasion of the country. Together with a network of partners and friends, during the first four months of the war we evacuated and rescued over 1,200 vulnerable children, women, and elderly people from immediate danger zones of the war and delivered more than 123 tons of relief supplies during our tours.

To find more information about the project, please visit Evacuaid Kyiv.



Our cooperation partner

Our supporters

We work closely together with the German Government 

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